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Accidents and catastrophic events can leave behind a wake of wreckage, and can affect even the most prepared person. After tragedy strikes, we understand it may be your primary goal to get back to normalcy. You may not know where to turn first but you may have a claim and not even know it! So, at Mena Law Firm, we believe that you deserve to know what you are entitled to, first and foremost. We strive to keep our clients as informed as possible and we are happy to take the time to answer your questions about insurance claims relating to your auto accident, property claims, insurance company coverage, claims process or the carrier's bad faith in handling your claim. We encourage you to read through the below set of questions and answers to gain a better understanding regarding your insurance claims and how we can be of the best assistance to you.

My Home Has Just Been Damaged by a Natural Catastrophe. Now What?

In Florida, disasters such as flooding or hurricanes are common. There are basic steps that insured homeowners must follow in the event of a catastrophic disaster. Each case is unique and the handling process can be complex and constantly changing. However, you shouldn't handle your claim alone. Insurance companies have adjusters and lawyers, which is why you should have a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer working to protect you as well.

To protect ourselves, we pay our insurance premiums in "good faith," and we expect that our insurance companies will protect us and our property in the event of a catastrophe that may damage or destroy our home. Unfortunately, insurance companies underpay, delay, or deny compensation for homeowners, oftentimes unreasonably. You may find yourself at a loss or the compensation you were awarded may feel insufficient.

You have the right to contest your recovery amount, and you will not be dropped from your homeowner insurance policy should you choose to dispute the amount your insurance company offers for settlement. If you or your family had to move or relocate from your home due to severe property damage, we always fight on your behalf to seek the maximum compensation to ensure your family's safety, and recover your living expenses.

Contact our firm today for a legal advice from a law firm that can help you with your case.

What Should I Do After Suffering Auto Accident Damages? Are the Damages Covered?

If you were injured in an auto accident, and you are an insured driver, you could be entitled to compensation to cover your damages or injuries. Under Personal Injury Protection, insurance companies are required to help you pay up to $10,000 for medical expenses, auto repairs, or other damages you may have incurred from the accident. Some auto and health insurance companies however, do not award victims their full entitled amount. When insurance companies deny your claims or pay less than what you are entitled to, we can analyze your case and assist you to get your full entitlement.

What Does the Term "Bad Faith" Mean?

In the state of Florida, the term "duty of good faith" refers to the lawful requirement of insurance companies to act fairly with persons who they insure. If the insurance company violates this responsibility, the insurance company may be acting in "bad faith," which relates to the unreasonable or unfair conduct of an insurance company in handling, adjusting or resolving your claim. Typically, bad faith cases stem from an insurance company denying a valid claim or delaying payments on a valid claim. In cases such as these, clients often have the right to pursue litigation. Our attorney has been extremely successful in dealing with insurance companies who have committed acts of bad faith and can help you get what you are rightfully entitled to.

Why Was My Claim Denied or Delayed?

Insurance policies and insurance laws are extremely complex and confusing. Many exceptions to the law exist, which can keep you from getting the full amount of compensation that you are entitled to. Insurance companies could also misapply policy language, thus keeping you from getting your claim paid properly, if at all. Unfortunately, insurance companies do reserve the right to deny, delay or devalue your rights to compensation, but only on the grounds that you may not have followed through completely on your contractual agreement. If an insurance company grossly acts against your best interests, you could pursue litigation on the grounds of bad faith.

Our firm handles many cases where people have been injured in auto accidents or people have suffered damages to property due to external factors out of their control. Even with sustained injuries and severe damages, insurance companies underpay victims, or delay payment unreasonably. Insurance companies are obligated to defend their policyholders, but if the insurance company fails to provide a defense, or delays your defense, we will work hard to get the correct actions.

How Long Will My Claim Take?

Settling your claim or case will depend on several different factors or legal issues that may surround your case. No matter how long a case may take, we work hard on behalf of our clients to secure the best possible success. Our knowledge of the law, the courts, and insurance company tactics allows us to pursue a fair compensation for homeowners, and injured victims in the swiftest manner possible. Of course, pushing to settle a case too quickly may not bring the best possible results for your recovery. Instead, we wish to be on your side every step of the way in order to ensure that the factors surrounding your case are handled effectively, personally, and appropriately. Timing can mean everything in an insurance claim, so our firm works hard to distinguish your type of case, its complexities, and act accordingly in the most reasonable period of time. Our experience and personal philosophy has proven to be a great asset when achieving compensation for our clients.

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If the answer to your question was not included above, do not be discouraged, or do not think that your case is too complex. These are just a sampling of the most frequently asked questions from clients of the firm, and there are far too many aspects of insurance policies and their legal implications to include on one page. Should you have any questions or want to discuss your case in confidence, we encourage you to consult the Mena Law Firm to speak with our Miami insurance lawyer.

By contacting our firm, you can schedule a free case evaluation and you can meet in-person with a knowledgeable attorney. Our supportive staff is dedicated to the success of your case. Attorney Luis Mena has more than 18 years of legal practice, and has attained the highest Martindale-Hubbell ® AV Preeminent® Rating. He can use his years of experience and hands-on knowledge to answer any questions that you may have.

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