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Make an Insurance Claim for Fire Damage in Miami

Guidance from a Top Miami Insurance Firm

The serious results of a fire in your home or place of business can be devastating causing you financial, emotional and physical hardship. This should not be compounded by an unreasonable insurance carrier. Our law firm is here to make sure that your interests are represented.

We operate on a contingency fee basis, so you never have to worry that pursuing legal action will add to your financial stress. If we lose, we don't get paid. If we win, your insurance company pays us - without deducting anything from your compensation. It's as simple as that.

How to Get Compensated for Fire Damage

There is no excuse for an insurance company that does not live up to their policy contract when you need it most. A fire can cause property damage and loss or compromise the structural integrity of a building, requiring extensive repairs.

At Mena Law Firm, our Miami insurance attorney will work with your insurance company to get you the compensation you deserve. We will aggressively pursue appropriate settlement, and if necessary, we will litigate on your behalf. We are dedicated to ethical and fair business practices and determined to always prioritize the very best interests of our clients.

Why We Protect Your Rights

Our founding attorney worked in the insurance world for more than 18 years, eventually rising through the ranks to exclusive legal counsel for one of the nation's prominent insurance companies. While working in this capacity, he was disturbed by the skeptical attitude many insurance executives took toward claims made by policy holders.

He saw a fundamental shift in the industry's approach, moving from one of willingness to make fair and reasonable payouts to automatic reluctance and suspicion. For this reason, he now focuses his private law practice on advocating the rights of policy holders and making sure that insurance companies hold to their end of the bargain when it comes to sensible payouts.

Why We're Different

  • Our founding attorney is a former insurance defense attorney
  • We always keep you informed about the status of your case
  • Attorney Mena is known as one of the top insurance lawyers in the country
  • Luis Mena has been recognized as a Super Lawyer

Call our Miami insurance attorney today!

If your insured property has been damaged by a fire, and you are being ignored or lowballed by your insurance company, call us. Whether you've received funds or not, we may be able to help you get the compensation you've paid for. Don't let your insurance company take advantage of your monthly payments. Legal muscle on your side can make all the difference. With 18 years of experience, Attorney Luis A. Mena is prepared to fight for your rights and the insurance money you deserve. Remember, fighting the insurance company is worth it!

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