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How to Make a HOA Property Claim

Insurance Attorney in Miami, Florida

If you're a member of a homeowner association (HOA) or one of the Board of Directors of your Association, you may not be familiar with the complex laws surrounding property damage claims in a condominium or similar setting.

The fact is, HOA law is highly confusing as well as constantly changing and usually requires the navigation of a skilled Miami insurance attorney who can help you make sure that your rights are protected and your interests prioritized in the event of a property damage claim.

Turn to Mena Law Firm for Assistance

Have you experienced property damage due to a fire, hurricane, hailstorm, burst pipe, or other natural or manmade disaster? Claims involving homeowner associations can be confusing because the responsible party is not always clear, or the exact property covered. These complications can be further compounded if the damage extended to more than one - or even all - units in a complex. At Mena Law Firm, we are prepared to work with you and your HOA board to address these issues in order to ensure that members are treated fairly and that the insurance agency is properly distributing deserved payouts. We are prepared to work with members and insurance carriers to ensure that the situation is handled satisfactorily and that your case is not being low-balled by reluctant providers to cover damages

Recover from the following:

  • Smoke
  • Flooding
  • Mold
  • Natural Disasters
  • Theft

We always work for a reasonable settlement out of court, but simultaneously prepare for litigation should the need arise.

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At Mena Law Firm, we are committed to seeking out the best interests of our clients and communicating constantly with them in order to keep them in the loop and help them pursue rightfully-deserved payouts from insurance carriers. With years of experience as legal aid to one of the nation's large insurance companies,

Attorney Luis A. Mena has the legal muscle and behind-the-scenes knowledge to advance your case. He has seen firsthand why many claims get turned down and it was this disturbing perspective that prompted him to open his own practice and specialize in helping clients to receive just damages for their losses. His knowledge and skill in this area has created an award-winning track record of successful case results and a reputation for ethical responsibility and professional skill that precedes him.

In fact, insurance companies frequently seek out his legal assistance for their cases. Miami Insurance Attorney Mena is dedicated to his clients and works hard to ensure that they get the coverage they deserve in an HOA property claim.

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