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Insurance Claims for Damage from Pipe Bursts

Homeowner Insurance Lawyer in Miami, FL

Homeowners who have experienced property damage caused by a burst pipe know that it is no small matter. A burst pipe can cause flooding which could lead to extensive water damage and even mold or mildew growth. These are serious repercussions that can damage the structural integrity of your home or place of business and threaten the health and well-being of residents - even making the building un-sellable.

Usually, significant flooding can damage your possessions and furniture as well, sometimes causing irreversible repair to priceless family valuables or favorite belongings. These types of damages add up, often costing the homeowner tens of thousands of dollars to properly repair.

Having difficulty recovering your damages?

If the property that has been impacted by a burst pipe is insured, in many cases the insurance company is responsible to cover those damages. Unfortunately, many insurance carriers treat these claims very reluctantly.

If you feel that your claim has been unfairly handled, don't hesitate to call a Miami insurance attorney as soon as possible. An experienced and capable legal professional can advise you of your rights, hear your claim, review your insurance policy contract and help you know what the best course of action may be. Often, an insurance attorney can successfully work with the company directly to ensure that you get a fair settlement out of court, but in some cases litigation may be necessary.

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Fighting the Insurance Company is Worth It. Contact Our Miami Insurance Lawyer For Help!

Whether with the carrier or in the courtroom, at Mena Law Firm we're ready to go to battle for you and to make sure that you get the reimbursement you deserve under your contract. If your insurance carrier tells you that you burst pipes are only covered by flood insurance or that you were negligent and therefore not entitled to compensatory payouts, always be skeptical.

It can't hurt to call our office and find out if you are actually entitled to coverage, especially since we offer a complimentary consultation. Remember, you are usually eligible for more insurance money than you think you are. At Mena Law Firm, we have the experience and the legal knowledge to make sure that you get the funds you pay for and the funds you deserve.

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