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Other Practice Areas

Miami, Florida Estate Planning & Real Estate Attorney

As one of the top insurance defense attorneys in Florida, attorney Mena, has the experience to get you the best possible outcome in your insurance legal matter. However, our firm also offers services in Miami real estate closing and transactions, probate, and estate planning matters.

When it comes to beginning a new life inside a new home, proving the legitimacy of a loved ones will, or planning for a future that isn’t certain, you will need the assistance of a qualified and knowledgeable attorney. With over 24 years of combined experience our attorneys at the Mena Law Firm are prepared to guide you through your specific legal matter.

The following are the other practice areas we can assist you with:

  • Real Estate Closing & Transaction - Buying your first home can be a scary experience because of all the paper work that must be processed. Many times these contracts can be extremely complex leading to unforeseen consequences down the road.
  • Estate Planning - The future can always be uncertain and at times scary, an attorney can help you prepare legal documentation in the event of your passing or event that you have been incapacitated to ensure you affairs are in order.
  • Probate - Wills must be legally binding to be effective and many times they might fall through some loophole that makes it difficult to verify. Our Florida attorney can help make sure your loved ones get what they are entitled to.

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