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Estate Planning

Estate Planning Attorney in Miami

The future is not always certain, unforeseen circumstances could always derail an individual’s life and leave their family struggling in their absence. When planning for the future it is always important to discuss your future with legal representation you can trust. Our Miami estate planning attorneys can guide you through every aspect of the planning process and ensure that your family gets what they need.

What is Included in Estate Planning?

Estate planning is a broad term that covers various legal plans that ensure everything you have built endures and goes to the people that you hold closest. Especially in a state such as Florida, where the retirement population increases each year, it is important to have your affairs in order. Let our attorneys put your future first while you enjoy the retirement you deserve.

Estate planning includes:

  • Power of Attorney – Many times, elder individuals especially, are confined to medical situations where they may not be fully capable of making decisions. Power of attorney grants an attorney the ability to make medical decisions for a person to ensure their wishes are followed.
  • Living Trusts – Living trusts outline what an individual wishes are if they are incapacitated, these wishes must be carried out by someone who has a fiduciary duty to see them done.
  • Wills – In the event that an individual dies, a will outlines what should be done with their estate including possessions and property.
  • Guardianship – If you are responsible for a child younger than 18 years of age estate planning can allow you to leave your wishes in writing concerning the care of the child in the unfortunate event of your passing.

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